Each year at this time we start to learn about predictions for the new year.  These range from fashion trends 👜  to the new, hot interior paint colors 🎨 .  These are a few that I feel will be relevant in the Naples and southwest Florida real estate market. 🔮

1.  Overpricing for the sake of negotiation goes out of fashion.

I believe this one is well overdue.  And talking with colleagues, I do think it is going to be a new trend to see list pricing get very close to the final sales price.  For so long it has been customary for a Seller to ask a certain percentage more than they are willing to settle out at, and a Buyer to offer much lower, hoping to split the difference.  Many times this causes the home to stay on the market with little action and no offers.  Getting very close to what a Seller is looking for with a little negotiation room (we all want to bargain a little, don't we?), then holding firm or watching multiple offers arise makes things more appealing and faster moving.  
✅  Watch for this one.

2.  Old school marketing.

Newspaper ads, postcards, etc. have been a staple in the real estate marketing game forever.  Though this has greatly reduced in frequency with the more "on-demand" searching style of the internet, it will continue to get less use (at least in my business 😮).  With more directed approaches, search engines such as Google, and social media is much more effective in attracting the eyes of those searching specifically for what you're offering.  Each day we can all still build a small bonfire with the junk mail that arrives and usually doesn't get the first glance, let alone a second glance...
🌲  Save a tree, sell a house.

3.  Home Automation becomes HOT 🔥 in the resale market.

With all of the cool gadgets that make it fun to operate your home from the couch or a thousand miles away, this year will be interesting.   Nothing short of The Jetsons, 🤖  your home can be controlled by your smartphone to an amazing degree.  Speaking of degree's, your thermostat, like the Nest allows you to change the interior temperature from your phone.  The Ring doorbell and their suite of products allow you to see who is approaching your home.  And many of the Google and Amazon devices makes it easy to dim your lights, order new lightbulbs and so much more with voice command.  Since many of the new construction 👷‍♂️ homes are offering this now, don't you think we should level the playing field?  Now instead of just re-painting or changing flooring before going to market, why not add a Ring doorbell or a Nest thermostat?
🎯 Now we're on target.

Let's talk more about new emerging trends in Real Estate.  Call, email or text anytime 📲