So in today's world when you start thinking about taking on a project, starting a new hobby or transitioning to a new way of life; what's the first thing you do?  If you're like me and so many others, with useful (and many times quite useless) information out there, you go to "The Google" 😮

Sore knee, WebMD.  There seems to be a site for everything.  Don't get me wrong, there are many helpful things you can learn online and even become quite good at doing:

WebMD might be helpful for the temporary pain of that sore knee, but when it comes down to it, you will need to see a trained professional to get professional results.  Re-roofing your own roof?  Enjoy.  Teaching yourself to play golf...?  Look above.

So going it alone in real estate is really no different.  Selling your own home?  Sounds good in the beginning.  Save some dough and carry on, you think.  It works sometimes.  You patient minded souls who have successfully done this, (we might have a position for you on our team 😊 ).

Now whether you are looking to sell your home, buy a new home, or do both, let's take some of the load off.  There are many tips that I believe are helpful that I share in the blog for you to take full advantage of.  And searching for homes online IS fun:


But when you come down to it, you really should have someone looking out for your best interest on the Buy and Sell side of Real Estate.  If someone came by and saw me re-roofing my house, I'd hope they would calmly talk me down the ladder and tell me to call a professional roofer.  So I'm asking you to come down the ladder.  Or if you can talk your friend down from the DIY real estate ladder, please connect the two of us.  You know I'm here to help.  And treat my clients like one of the family...

To get the conversation going and see what direction you are looking to go, how about we grab a coffee... it's on me.