Sometimes things seem to work out in a peculiar way, and you wake up and think, "Wow that was pretty great".  This is a story of one of those times.

A few weeks ago, our friends were down visiting their Florida home in our community.  Our friends ask to take my wife and our daughter to Chuckie Cheese to let her play some games and have fun.  While talking to my friend inside the Chuckie, he mentioned that they don't spend a great amount of time here and was thinking of downsizing to a condo.  

Immediately following leaving Chuckie's we were going next door to First Watch to grab some lunch.  I checked my phone and it was a voicemail from a past client (now friend) who lives in a condo in our community.  His voicemail said they were wanting to start looking for single-family homes and to sell their condo.  The home he was describing in the voicemail was just what my friend was thinking of downsizing from.

You see where this is going... 🔮  

So we made arrangements to view each other's properties over the next couple of days.  Very soon we had a verbal agreement.  We worked out the specifics and put it in writing.  The rest of the process took place for the transaction, and now here we are about 3 weeks later at closing.

So happy to be a part of this.  If this is something that you are interested in doing, let's talk.  At any given time, I know of people who are kicking around the idea of making a move.