Sorry we've been off the grid again. Just reached wi-fi signal service. 

⛽️ Gas is a HUGE problem!

We were about 30 deep waiting on gas today.   Yesterday, over 120 deep for gas a Costco in Estero. We couldn't wait. 

We have power in our neighborhood but most of SWFL does not. 

We have no cell service or cable/internet. So we can only communicate in certain spots. 

It is amazing how much has been cleaned up and fixed over the past 2 days, but there is a lot to go!

Below are some pictures of the National Guard, a ripped hurricane flag below the American Flag, and the Florida Highway patrol just escorted in a fuel tanker to a gas station.

Thanks again for all of your support.
We've checked over 30 homes and if you haven't heard back yet, we are trying to catch up with communication when we catch a signal. 

Our community and neighborhood are really pulling together to lend a helping hand to one another!

🙏🏻👏🏻 special thanks to the sheriffs dept who came knocking at 3:30am to check on us.
All the first responders
National Guard
Collier County Sheriff's Office
Collier County Emergency Management
Collier County Public Utilities
(And all the electric ⚡️ companies helping. Saw license plates from Michigan!) 👏🏻

Posting from a parking lot at the moment.  Hope to be out around internet or cell service to post again tomorrow.