Let's take a look at some new construction homes in inventory, or close to a completion date.  But first, let's look at some of the reasons to use a Realtor when looking for and choosing your home and options.

We help many homeowners with new construction purchases, and it is a large portion of our business here at NaplesPrivateLabel.com (Phillip M. Rigsby, Realtor).  Below are just some of the reasons to use a Realtor in your new construction experience, and then let's LOOK AT SOME HOMES 😁 !

💰 It Costs you nothing extra

Not only does it not cost you anything extra, but should save you money immediately or in the future (and many times, both 😊 ).  Realtors are paid by the builder or developer in a new construction structure and you do not save money by foregoing a Realtor.  This money is set aside in a cooperative situation for Builder/Realtor relationship to intice Realtors to show their Buyers, the Builder's products.  What you gain in return is very valuable:

🏘 Finding the right Lot for you

Sun exposure, view from the outdoor living area, other factors like proximity to play on a golf course ⛳️  can all matter to you.  With experience, we can help you think of the different options.  And maybe it's the Realtor in me, but I'm always thinking of a good lot and what the next Buyer will think of it down the road when you are ready to sell 💁‍♂️ .

⚖️ Choosing the right upgrades and options

Some options and upgrades are important and personal to you, to enjoy while you own the home.  While some of these are very nice for you, they might not be that important when you go to sell the home.  I like to assist in what I see are good choices that will make your home more timeless.  In your budget, you might ✂️ cut back in some areas and add those resources to areas that will be great choices in the long-run.  I like starting from the outside living areas, going inward.  After all, we are in southwest Florida to be enjoying the outdoors, right? 🌴☀️ 🏊‍♀️
😉  hang in there with us...  And last but not least:

💰 The latest discounts and incentives

As mentioned above, Builders have a relationship with Realtors where we receive email blasts containing the latest and current incentives for you.  This could include discounts on upgrades, price reductions, special inventory pricing, etc., that the public does not always receive.  

Being with you before, during and after this sale will be of value.  Just ask our customers:

Phillips knowledge of the entire Naples market was a big plus.

We decided to build a model home, and weren't even sure a realtor was necessary. After meeting Phillip, and getting incredible advice regarding many aspects of our transaction, I would not advise anyone to deal directly with the builders. Phillips knowledge of the entire Naples market was a big plus....


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