Hello Everyone,

We rode out the Eye of Irma in my parent's house in Estero.  I will post a video (in a later blog; getting this one out ASAP for our neighbors) of the calm inside the Eye when it passed.  And a couple other pics.  We are on the scene and getting as much info out to as many people as possible.  We have had a lot of requests to check their home, and we are doing the best we can at the moment.   As of 6:30pm Sept, 11th, we are still without power and cell service in TwinEagles.

I promise you this:
Naples and southwest Florida will be FINE.  We will be better than ever!  Our community will come together for a great example of neighborly love.

We will be back to TwinEagles tomorrow to help friends and customers.  Probably starting Wednesday, we will be out volunteering in our Naples and southwest Florida community.  For those of you that can help, be careful getting back to help.  For those of you that cannot, there will be plenty of ways to donate in the upcoming days.  

Just on a personal note, at the Rigsby-dome, we had downed trees, big bushes, lost most lanai screens and had a couple roof leaks.  Many people will have this as the powerful winds drove the rain up the roof vents.  Most everyone will at least have lanai screens loose or missing.

This could have been Sooo much worse!  People are safe and possessions can be replaced or restored. 

I will update again tomorrow evening if I can.  Keep #Naples and southwest Florida in your prayers. 🙏